William Petty-Johnson, Mountain Flowers Hemp

Solventless Cannabinoid Extraction/Value Added Product Production
Grant Award: $8,000

Mountain Flowers Hemp has used their grant to expand capacity to process solventless hemp extract and increase production of pre-rolled hemp products. Solventless extraction is the process of mechanically separating resin from plant material using either ice and water or pressure and heat. Traditional cannabinoid extraction is done using solvents.

The consumer market is shifting to demand hemp products made without the use of solvents. William will purchase a freeze-drying system to speed up and streamline the drying process of water extracted hemp extract, making it possible to have a usable, storable extract within 2-3 days from harvest. He will also purchase pre-roll manufacturing equipment to reduce labor and increase production of a pre-rolled smokable hemp product.

Not only will the equipment allow for a larger reach to his existing direct-to-consumer market, he will be able to enter the profitable wholesale market. Mountain Flower Hemp sells craft smokable CBD and CBG hemp flowers, solventless extract and pre-rolls direct to consumers via year round farmers markets, festivals, and e-commerce.


Watauga County

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