Tommy and Danni Speight, Bluff Mountain Nursery

Fencing for Katahdin Sheep
Grant Award: $8,000

The Speights will convert old tobacco growing fields into grazing pastures in order to expand their Katahdin sheep herd from 27 to 70-80 head. They will use the grant to fence in approximately 8 additional acres of grazing land, sectioned off into smaller paddocks for livestock rotation.

Currently, they are maxed out on the amount of livestock they can comfortably raise in the fenced fields available. This project will allow them to grow the herd and expand the farm to more livestock. Their goal is to grow their local market for Katahdin sheep and sell at the WNC Regional Livestock Market.

Their diversified operation grows perennials, annuals, herbs, vegetables and Fraser Firs; raises sheep, goats, chickens and hogs; offers landscape design services; and has recently added an agritourism component.


Madison County

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