Rick Rhinehart, Ruby Brown Farm

Multi-use Shed Facility & Future Farm Store
Grant Award: $8,000

With the growth of their freezer beef business, the Rhineharts are running out of room to store their farm implements, feed, and fertilizer. As a result, they are experiencing losses due to equipment deterioration and feed spoilage.

Their AgOptions grant has supported the construction of a 24′ x 84′ multi-use shed to protect farm equipment and inputs as well as provide a future, fully-enclosed section for their new farm store. The Rhineharts take pride in how they care for their cattle and want their customers to see it first hand.

The location of the building will bring customers into the heart of their farm where they can see where animals are fed and a large majority of the farm work is done. With a plan to transition the farm to yet another generation, this multi-use shed will help ensure the Rhinehart family is able to continue farming in the long term.


Buncombe County

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