Nikki Sentelle Denson, River Bottom Bounty Farm

Tunneling Tomatoes
Grant Award: $8,000

Having recently taken over the family farm from her father who suddenly passed away in 2021, Nikki has added a high tunnel with an irrigation system to grow tomatoes. Traditionally, the farm has grown staked tomatoes in the field, but have experienced many challenges due to weather conditions.

The addition of a controlled growing environment will increase profitability by allowing her to manage obstacles such as disease, weeds, predators, wind and water, while also extending the growing season. With the hoop house, input costs such as fungicides and pesticides will decrease significantly and season extension will allow her customers to have a longer time to purchase their fan favorite heirloom tomatoes.

The grant will pay for a 30′ x 72′ high tunnel, irrigation system, fans, and electrical hookups. River Bottom Bounty Farm has been a staple at the Transylvania Farmer’s Market since it started in 2013.


Transylvania County

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