Keith Wood, Wood Farm LLC

Grass Fed Beef Fly Trap
Grant Award: $8,000

Horn flies and face flies are a problem for every cattle producer. The flies can slow growth, reduce finished weights, and vector diseases. To control the flies on his beef cattle herd, Keith plans to use his grant to expand his working facility with a walk-through fly trap and a section to load out finished cattle.

The trap was designed in the 1930’s but is no longer in widespread use due to the success of modern chemical pesticides. Keith’s customers appreciate the fact that the Wood Farm produces beef as naturally as possible, without the use of implants and antibiotics.

The fly trap will not only reduce the number of times Keith has to work his cattle to add insecticide ear tags, it will reduce by several months the amount of time it takes to finish his cattle. The new load out area will provide a more efficient, safer, and more humane area to handle the large animals.


Cherokee County

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