Kathleen and Michael Balogh, Mountain Meadows Nursery

Nursery Irrigation and Expansion
Grant Award: $8,000

Over the 40 years that Mountain Meadows Nursery has been in business, the nursery irrigation source has been the well and pump that also serves the Balogh family home. As the business has grown and they continue to expand, the volume of water required to irrigate the nursery stock needs to be supplied by a separate, independent source.

In consultation with the Buncombe County Soil & Water Conservation District, they added a 50′ x 60′ x 5′ irrigation pond that is fed by a stream bounding their property. They have installed a pump to service the nursery and accommodate expansion and increased water needs.

Another component of their project expanded the nursery footprint and production to save on labor costs. They graded and added gravel to a 5,000 square foot area adjacent to the greenhouses.

They have also purchased a professional printer and software program that enables them to print identification tags for the plants which saves time and allows them to electronically track their inventory.


Buncombe County

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