Kate and Fairman Jayne, Sandy Mush Herb Nursery

Farm Visit Improvements
Grant Award: $8,000
Kate Jayne and son, Chris, accept their award

The Sandy Mush Herb Nursery is diversifying their production model to increase on-farm sales and agritourism experiences to complement their traditional mail-order market.

The Jaynes plan to use their grant to improve access to their retail nursery and arboretum. The gravel road to the nursery is in poor condition and is inaccessible to those without all-wheel drive vehicles. The road improvements will allow visitors better access to visit the garden/arboretum established 50 years ago, which serves as inspiration for local and visiting plant lovers.

The increase of foot traffic will let customers see what their plants will look like in the landscape and encourage retail sales. This agritourism experience will increase revenue and guarantee long-term financial sustainability for the nursery.


Buncombe County

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