Kate and Fairman Jayne, Sandy Mush Herb Nursery

Farm Visit Improvements
Grant Award: $8,000

Sandy Mush Herb Nursery is transitioning away from their mail order business and plan to increase the number of visitors to their nursery.

To improve the road to the nursery, they used their grant to repair and shore up large sections of the road next to a creek that were subject to erosion and inaccessible to those without a four-wheel drive vehicle. The addition of large boulders has created a wider base that is stable and safer for travel.

The road improvements will allow visitors better access to visit the garden/arboretum established 50 years ago, which serves as inspiration for local and visiting plant lovers. With the completion of the road project, Sandy Mush Herb Nursery is positioned to expand agritourism and create revenue to support the business and themselves.


Buncombe County

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