John Cantrell, Mashburn Branch Vineyard

Small Winery Room Completion
Grant Award: $8,000
John Cantrell, with Christy Bredenkamp, Macon County Cooperative Extension Director

John has used his grant to install insulation, electrical wiring, drywall, garage doors, and a mini-split A/C unit for his winery room in a 26′ x 26′ two-story building already under construction.

The new 26′ x 12′ winery room will give John a dedicated, temperature-controlled space for winemaking and storage, allowing him to increase production from the process that he currently uses, which is housed in his basement.

John takes his muscadine harvest to the Franklin Farmers Market. The other red and white grapes he harvests will be used for the first batch of wine made in the new winery room.


Macon County

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