Emily Patrick, Carolina Flowers

Dried Flower Processing Chamber
Grant Award: $8,000

Carolina Flowers has added a dedicated dried flower processing chamber to their operation to increase dried flower production. The dried flower processing chamber will be an insulated structure with temperature control, air circulation, light control, box fans, dehumidifier and industrial shelving to allow for the efficient production of high quality dried flowers.

By increasing processing space and time efficiency, the dried flower chamber will more than double their dried flower yields in less than a year and will reduce processing time — and labor cost — by 30-50 percent. It will allow for the cultivation of an additional 6,000-square-foot field, which once was grown in tobacco.

With previous features in Southern Living and Our State Magazine, Carolina Flowers has a reputation for excellence in flower production. Since 2017, they have sold fresh flowers for everyday, weddings, and events, and ship dried flowers and other value-added products nationwide.


Madison County

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