Clinton Walker and Debbie Brentlinger, North Carolina Kikos

Project Kiko Cash
Grant Award: $8,000

NC Kikos provides registered breed stock selected from top blood lines of 100% purebred New Zealand Kiko meat goats. To provide the proven pedigree of the goats, they currently send a paper application through USPS to the National Kiko Registry where the new kid is entered into their database to document birth weight and date, sire, dam, color, genealogy history, and radio frequency ID (RFID) chip number, among other data.

Clint is currently worked with Niles Tech to develop a smartphone App that will use Bluetooth technology to upload information from a RFID tag.

The Kiko Cash Identity Verification System will streamline and enhance the registration process by allowing the breeder to use a cell phone or computer to electronically provide the same data without the need to send a paper form. The RFID chip technology will be improved to show not only an ID number, but also include a chain of custody, breeder contact, nutritional and immunization history, and birthing data.

The new Verification System will also enhance settlement between buyer and seller by using Cash app money transfer technology. This streamlined process provides easier verification for the animal’s registration data and a more efficient method to transfer registered ownership from seller to buyer. Clinton will use his grant to pay for programming and product development, marketing, and website creation.


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