Cheryl Judge-Decker, Paint Horse Flower Farm

Greenhouse to Expand Production
Grant Award: $8,000

To create a more sustainable and expanded operation, Paint Horse Flower Farm has installed a 16′ x 32′ high-side greenhouse, including shutter fans and a gas heater, on their 18-acre farm. The heated greenhouse will give them the ability to grow seeds and plugs for cut flowers and vegetables all year.

The climate-controlled environment and additional space is allowing them to start seeds earlier and in more volume and will increase annual production capacity to better fulfill current demand, which is significantly larger than they can meet.

Paint Horse Flower Farm currently sells to Old Mill Wholesale Flowers, at the Landrum and Columbus Farmers Markets, to florists, salons, churches,

and hopes to supply events such as weddings and funerals. The increased sustainability and revenue from this greenhouse project will allow Cheryl to farm full-time.


Polk County

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