Alvin Blake Brown, Brown’s Farm Ridge

Improving Performance of Grazing System
Grant Award: $8,000

Brown’s Farm Ridge (BFR) invested in a no-till drill to reduce production costs by extending their grazing season to late December and to improve nutrition, reproductive health and average daily gain (ADG) of their 100+ cattle herd.

Having a no-till drill on the farm has allowed BFR to intensify their grazing program, enabling them to seed a winter grazing mix and extend grazing well into December. The addition of winter annuals and strip grazing will give them room for expansion and allow them to add a replacement heifer business to the farm.

Since starting their beef business in 2016, they have grown to over $120,000 in annual sales, but see the need to expand to profitably supply the growing retail beef business. The drill will provide them with the tools to improve their production system and sustainably keep the farm in business for the next generation.


Watauga County

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