Tyler Hunsader, Jeter Mountain Farm

Canner for Hard/Carbonated Cider
Grant Award: $8,000

After opening to the public in 2020, Jeter Mountain Farm saw unexpectedly high sales of their hard cider, which was produced using their apples. In 2022, in order to have a better product for the public and a more efficient system, they will offer hard cider that is fermented and kegged/canned on site. In addition, they will expand fresh cider production to include non-alcoholic sparkling canned apple cider.

Having already invested in hard cider production equipment, the grant will pay for a canner which will be used in the production process of both hard cider and a new sparkling canned apple cider. In addition to quality of product, the canner will prevent delays in production, allowing them to maximize sales with ease.


Henderson County

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