Suzanne Nolter, Blazing Star Flowers

Multi-Use Canopy Structure
Grant Award: $8,000

Suzanne’s current location at the SAHC Community Farm requires her to drive offsite to arrange flowers and conduct workshops.

Desiring to create a more productive, efficient, and comfortable workspace for her cut flower business, Suzanne plans to construct a versatile commercial-grade canopy that will provide a number of benefits for her business. It will eliminate travel time and expenses and increase income by offering on-farm workshops, create a new market with spring plant sales, increase product quality and vase life through proximity to field and cooler, and maximize contribution of her part-time employees in one consolidated work area.

Her grant will pay for the purchase and installation of the commercial canopy structure, lockable storage for tools and equipment, chairs and tables for workshops, and advertising. Overall Suzanne estimates the project will reduce her expenses by over $11,000 and increase her income by almost $17,000. These savings and the increased revenue will support Suzanne buying her own land where she plans to relocate the canopy structure.


Buncombe County

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