Stacy Fields, Raspberry Fields

Raspberry Fields Kitchen
Grant Award: $8,000

Delayed last year by the sky-rocketing costs of building materials, Stacy Fields could not complete this planned project and pivoted to an alternate endeavor to strengthen and support agritourism on her farm. However, as costs have returned to affordable levels, Stacy will build the 20-foot by 20-foot certified kitchen facility at her farm in 2022.

The building will serve as the hub of her business, including indoor space for dry storage, berry packing and hosting the public for educational offerings. The kitchen will allow her to produce value added items at 12 times the rate that she can currently produce, as well as providing much-needed space for berry sorting and packing. Raspberry Fields has potential for major expansion of their agritourism business and this kitchen will also provide space for tours, educational experiences and general on-farm customers.

Stacy wholesales fresh berries, preserves and vinegar to TRACTOR and Swamp Rabbit Grocery and sells direct to customers at the Hendersonville Farmers Market and through her website store.


Henderson County

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