Cantrell Creek Trout Farm

Onsite Solid and Liquid Composting System

Grant Award: $8,000

Cantrell Creek Trout Farm upgraded an old composting system on their farm. The deteriorating system, which was built in the 1990s, was in severe disrepair and could not be used. The renovations have now been complete including: excavation, replacing damaged wood on containment bins, upgrading/replacing plumbing and wiring, and replacing the air pump for the solids bin. The upgraded system will save time and labor and it will increase revenue by enabling the farm to monetize the waste generated by producing a compost product to sell.

The goal is to sell most of the compost in bulk, filling in demand gaps where trout stocking may be inconsistent. Since the market will not tolerate price increases to cover the higher costs the farm has incurred this year, they are excited about the addition of a new revenue stream to support the long-term health of their business.

Transylvania County

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