Sharon Marler and Christopher Scott Brazil, Blue Winter Farm

Farm Diversification and Upgrades
Grant Award: $8,000

Since 2010, Blue Winter Farm has been raising registered Black Angus and registered Red Hereford cattle. In order to upgrade to a full scale cattle operation, the have constructed a lighted 24′ x 41′ building to accommodate AI procedures, provide dedicated space for cattle working equipment and be used to house freezers for beef sales.

The new building will allow them to improve the genetics of their herd by having a space for AI, allow for easier handling procedures of calves and provide space to expand to the freezer beef business. The grant went towards constructing the building and fitting it with scales and freezers. Their goal is to expand and improve their bottom line to secure the farm for future generations.

Blue Winter Farm currently sells feeder calves and cow/calf pairs, stocker calves, replacement heifers, bulls and steers.


Madison County

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