Sara Martin and Dustin Cornelison, Two Trees Farm/Sustainabillies LLC

Welcoming Back the Public to Two Trees Farm
Grant Award: $4,000

In 2020 and 2021 as the pandemic swept the world, Two Trees farm halted their on-farm classes and tours and focused on greater production to meet the needs of customers. Maximizing the farm agriculturally saved the business and created two full time jobs.

To continue the increased production and prepare the farm to open back up to the public, Sara and Dustin will upgrade their plant-starts greenhouse, improve their irrigation systems, purchase tools to speed farm chores including weeding and harvesting, and add systems to ensure visitor safety on the farm. Increasing efficiency and organization will maximize production and profits, save time on farm responsibilities, and ready the farm for the public.

The grant will pay for upgrades to their existing greenhouse (metal racks, overhead watering kit), tools (hand shears, harvesters, weeders, hoes) and agritourism safety equipment (signage, lighting, fencing, cameras).


Haywood County

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