Randall Gifford, Greenshine Farms

Operation Ten X
Grant Award: $8,000

Greenshine Farms has embarked on an ambitious endeavor for a tenfold increase in production on their farm. Having doubled their revenue every year since 2016, Greenshine Farm has the experience and track record of growing and selling vegetables to achieve this goal.

To scale up his production, Rand needed to move up from his BCS walk-behind tractor to a full-size tractor, which he purchased in 2021. This year he bought new implements to use with the tractor to cultivate and prepare his fields, including a double bottom plow, tiller, and hiller. He also bought seeds, seedlings, and soil.

They currently work with Mother Earth Food, Mountain Foods and other large produce distributors. At present, local and national demand is significantly more than supply and they see this growing year by year.


Madison County

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