Elaine Ollis, Ollis Farms

Feedlot Facility
Grant Award: $8,000

As Ollis Farms has grown over the years, so has the task of feeding the animals she raises for her retail meat shop. To add efficiency and safety to her feeding operation, Ollis Farms will build a designated feedlot facility to feed calves in a clean, properly managed area, using machinery instead of buckets and manual labor.

The project will include excavation, installation of gravel and filter cloth, and the installation of concrete J bunks and fencing. The anticipated outcome of the project is to finish animals on site, rather than delivering animals at weaning age to the open livestock market.

To increase profitability, Elaine opened a farm store and began to sell retail cuts of lamb and beef. She occasionally sells whole lambs off the farm or offers beef quarters or halves.


Avery County

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