Mike and Sara Hedge, Hedge Family Farm

Wash-Pack Facility Farm Expansion
Grant Award: $8,000

Sara and Mike have increased their growing space over the past year by 300% and the volume of produce harvested is creating a bottleneck in their operation. Currently, the farm utilizes seven different areas spread out as far as a mile to meet the washing, storage, and preparation needs of the farm.

The proposed project will consolidate all of these activities in one place and it will also provide seasonal curing space for storage crops. They plan to upgrade an existing structure to meet efficiency and quality standards to wash, store, and prepare produce for markets and restaurants. The barn is already connected to electricity and water and has a propane water heater.

Their grant will pay for two coolers for storage at two different temperatures, as well as gravel for the access road. They will also purchase and install tables and washing equipment. Streamlining the seven different stations into one flowing area will increase efficiency and allow them to expand their vegetable production.


Caldwell County

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