Justin Stines, Stines Farms

Improvements to Cattle Handling Facility
Grant Award: $8,000

Justin raises preconditioned cattle and markets them at the Abingdon Feeder Cattle sale, as well as to other local beef producers. To make his cattle operation safer for himself and the animals, Justin has replaced his wooden fixed alley handling facility with two adjustable alleys and a poured concrete floor. The adjustable alleys can accommodate both cows and the smaller calves without allowing them to turn around in the chute or attempt to escape, which stresses the animals. The calves have to be worked at least three times before he sells them so the adjustable alleys will help Justin save time and keep the animals from being injured. The next step is to build a shed to cover the working area, which will enable him to work in the rain and it will also extend the life of the equipment. Justin has been hosting the Avery/Watauga bull soundness exams for the past five years and plans to continue hosting the event.


Avery County

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