Jonathan Forbes, Forbes Farm

Cattle Weighing System
Grant Award: $4,000

Jonathan has been selling cow/calf pairs, bred cows and feeder cattle since 2018, earning him tens of thousands of dollars per tractor trailer load.

In order to maximize profits, open new markets and increase sales, Jonathan has built a dedicated weigh station complete with concrete pad, covered shed and scales. The scales enable Jon to know when his feeder cattle are ready to sell by weighing them periodically. They also help Jon assess animal health and performance by tracking rate of gain. Prior to getting the scales, Jon had to haul his cattle several miles if he wanted to weigh them. The new equipment reduces stress on his animals and will help him make better management decisions for his farm business.

With his business growing every year, this new on-farm weighing station will be an asset to his feeder cattle operation.


Mitchell County

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