Jon Klimstra, TK Family Farm

Apple Cold Storage Facility
Grant Award: $8,00

Jon used his first AgOptions grant in 2016 to establish a high density apple orchard and was able to harvest 541 bushels of apples by his third season. In 2019, another AgOptions grant helped them set up a packing line, which streamlined their operation and allowed them to expand the orchard, which yielded over 1,000 bushels in 2021.

They are currently using an inefficient modified 53 foot refrigerated trailer to store apples, which is not big enough, extremely costly to operate and results in significant losses. TK Family Farm’s final grant will be used to build a 30′ x 36′ x 12′ cold storage facility for storing harvested apples. The building will have spray foam insulation, two 5-horsepower cooling units, and two humidifiers to main optimal temperature and humidity levels.

The new building will increase storage capacity, reduce energy costs, decrease loss from storage and will be a reliable cold storage facility for the future. TK Family Farm has seen on-farm sales double in recent years and sells to two farmers markets in South Carolina along with various food share programs and retail outlets.


Polk County

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