Gerald and Karen Strickland, Hawks Nest Farm

Cattle Handling Equipment
Grant Award: $8,000

The Stricklands currently have 80 cows they maintain for a cow/calf operation. The deteriorated equipment they currently use is inadequate for vaccinating, A.I., and medical treatments, and is dangerous for them and the animals.

As they transition out of the terminal stocker cattle business, they are beginning to work more with seed stock cows. With the necessity to work their cattle on a daily basis, the upgraded cattle handling equipment was essential. The new chute and alleys purchased with their grant will enable Gerald and Karen to safely and quickly work the cattle without the stress that they endured with their previous setup. The next steps will be to build a sorting and holding area and a shed to cover the working area. They will also purchase scales to install in the alleyway.


Buncombe County

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