Gary and Abigail Steiner, Bee-utiful Farm and Garden

Greenhouse Upgrade and Expansion
Grant Award: $8,000

With the ultimate goal of moving to full-time farming, the Steiners have upgraded an existing 5-year-old greenhouse with more plant growing space in order to meet demand for their growing CSA and market sales.

The greenhouse expansion includes a new 30’ x 40’ addition placed on an existing pad, which required grading and gravel added for drainage.

The new addition has ground fabric, double layer plastic, roll up sides, shade cloth as needed, circulating fans, aluminum plastic covered tables, exterior door and 2 ventilation fans.

The upgrade has already allowed for more production of vegetable starts for use in their operation and for sale to other small farmers. The upgrades are also helping in the general maintenance that needs to be performed to keep the greenhouse running at its top performance. The greenhouse expansion will also enable them to have a larger Christmas sale (held in the greenhouse) this year.

The Steiners sell at the Hendersonville Farmers Market and through their 25-member CSA.

Henderson County

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