Dave Lesuer, Hillside Farm

Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse
Grant Award: $8,000

Farming has provided 90% of income for Dave and his family since COVID began. He sells his diverse vegetable products to local restaurants, food pantries, and offers CSAs. After moving his leafy greens to a hydroponic system, he was able to simultaneously increase production and reduce his work load by 5-10 hours per week since weeding and pest control was no longer needed.

In 2022 Dave moved his tomato operation to a hydroponic system. He constructed a 30’ x 100’ greenhouse with a heating system, and purchased all the materials and equipment needed to set up the hydroponic system, including a pump, tubing, and growing media. He was able to have it up and running for the 2022 season, growing tomatoes and cucumbers.

There is a solid demand for Dave’s hydroponic produce and he estimates he could sell at least three times what he currently grows. Dave vends at the Hendersonville Market and since he has increased his production he has also started supplying to several restaurants.


Polk County

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