Dave Lesuer, Hillside Farm

Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse
Grant Award: $8,000

Farming has provided 90% of income for Dave and his family since COVID began. He sells his diverse vegetable products to local restaurants, food pantries, and offers CSAs. After moving his leafy greens to a hydroponic system, he was able to simultaneously increase production and reduce his work load by 5-10 hours per week since weeding and pest control was no longer needed.

In 2022 Dave plans to move his tomato operation to a hydroponic system. He will buy and install a 30’ x 100’ greenhouse with a heating system, and the materials and equipment needed to set up the hydroponic system, including a pump, tubing, and growing media. The new system for tomatoes will extend his early and late season production and greatly reduce pressure from early/late blight.


Polk County

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