Charles L. “Butch” Deal

High Pressure Boom Sprayer for Vegetables and Fruit
Grant Award: $8,000

A 10th generation farmer whose family has been producing vegetables/tobacco for over 70 years, Mr. Deal will be purchasing a more efficient and modern sprayer to replace an old blast sprayer. As he’ll be transitioning the farm to son in the coming years, he wants his farm to use the most efficient and environmentally friendly method to spray pesticides/fertilizers on the 12 acres in production.

Butch grows cabbage, corn, beans, pumpkins and potatoes in multiple locations. He has already used his new sprayer and he is very happy with it. The sprayer allows for more efficient application of pesticides and helps control drift. Butch and his family are the largest grower in the area. He sells his products to wholesale customers including Ingles Markets and at his family produce stand in Franklin.


Macon County

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