Andrew Rogers, Pinnacle View Farm

Fence Line Feeding System
Grant Award: $8,000

Since 2016 Andrew has been selling his calves at the stockyard which brings a lower price than selling directly to other farmers.

Andrew plans to build a fence line feeding system which will increase his profitability by enabling him to raise more cattle, and provide a safe and efficient feeding routine. The feeding system will provide an easily accessible area where farmers can come see and assess the cattle they want to purchase from him. The feeding system will also protect his pastures.

Instead of rotating feeding locations throughout the winter and destroying usable pasture space, he will be able to use one area as a sacrificed winter holding and feeding location. His AgOptions grant will provide money to pay for excavation and leveling, geotextile underlayment, stone, and concrete for a 48′ x 36′ lot, as well 12′ and 8′ inline feeding panels.

Buncombe County

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