Alyson Wade, The Farm Connection

Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Gardens, Video Marketing and Risk Mitigation
Grant Award: $8,000

Working on a multi-pronged approach to grow their successful nursery, The Farm Connection will use their grant in three ways. Because nursery sales are highly dependent on the customer knowing what trees/plants look like when fully grown, they will develop a demonstration garden at their retail location to provide an experience and information about the plants they grow. They will capture footage of the process and finished product and produce educational marketing videos to share on their website/social media to educate customers, build online presence and promote nursery visits and sales.

Additionally, they will add equipment to the farm to enable backup emergency water and electric resources. The grant will go toward professional botanical signage, a landscaped demonstration garden, electric generator and accessories, backup water pump, hoses and fittings, and videography. With these improvements, The Farm Connection’s goal is to increase revenue through increased customer knowledge and understanding, reach new customers and significantly reduce risk on the farm.


Madison County

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