Samuel Cartner, Cartner Christmas Trees

Cartner’s Wild-Simulated Medicinal Ginseng Production Test
Grant Award: $8,000

The goal of this project is to bring into production some of the steep, densely-wooded areas of the farm that are unsuitable for Christmas trees or other crops. Sam will plant ginseng in a density similar to wild growing conditions. This lower density will require less labor and chemical treatment than traditional commercial plantings.

Demand for forest-grown ginseng is high and the Cartners anticipate having plenty of customers for the roots and leaves once they begin harvesting. Sam will use his grant to pay for materials and labor to prepare the parcel, add soil amendments, and sow stratified ginseng seed. He will also purchase and install ground covering to prevent turkeys from eating the seeds.

In addition to harvesting roots and leaves, Sam also plans to produce locally-grown seed he can share with customers in the region who are interested in growing ginseng. Currently there are no commercial sources of NC-grown seed. The result of the project will be increased farm income through crop diversification.


Avery County

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