Sara Martin and Dustin Cornelison,
Two Trees Farm / Sustainabillies, LLC

Livestock Pasture and Barn
Grant Award: $3,000

Sara and Dustin plan have installed fencing to create a new pasture, purchased a livestock guardian animal and built a barn suitable for meat animals, including chickens, pigs and sheep.

The new facilities will reduce the impact of predators on their chicken flock (they lost 15 to predation in 2020) and allow Sara and Dustin to increase their income by adding fresh meat products, growing their CSA program (it currently has a wait list), expanding egg production to meet overwhelming demand and begin commercial production of meat chickens.

The barn will also provide a venue for Sara’s sustainable skills classes and will improve environmental conditions on the farm by increasing stream buffers and helping eliminate invasive plant species. Wood generated from clearing and maintaining the pasture will be used to expand the farm’s mushroom production capacity.


Haywood County

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