Daniel and Lori Cabe, The Flower Company

Walk-in Flower Cooler
Grant Award: $6,000

For their cut-flower farm and florist business, Daniel and Lori will purchase a 12-foot by 9-foot by 14-foot, four-door, walk-in flower cooler with glass reach-in doors for retail display. Specially designed to keep flowers at the ideal temperature and humidity to maintain peak freshness for an extended time after harvesting, the cooler will provide much-needed efficient storage that will enable the farm to increase production, decrease loss and cut power expenses in half.

The new cooler will also reduce labor by allowing floral arrangements to be completed and stored in advance and allow the business to increase bookings of large events and highly requested sympathy work. Daniel and Lori used a 2020 AgOptions grant to double their dahlia production and significantly increase production of specialty cut flowers. They plan to double their current flower production to meet rapidly growing demand.

Macon County

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