Jeff and Terri Phillips, Pine Row Farm

Farm Store
Grant Award: $6,000

Terri and Jeff are approaching retirement and are working to generate an income from their family farm. To meet increasing demand for their farm-raised beef, pork, chicken and pastured eggs created by the successful farm store they launched in 2020, they purchased a trailer for transporting and storing bulk feed for their cattle and hogs, built a new chicken tractor and fencing with a water source and added another flock of 50 laying hens.

Being able to buy and store bulk rather than bagged grain will save the farm a substantial amount of money, which Terri and Jeff can use to expand meat production to help meet the huge demand for their products. The additional hens will help meet current demand for their eggs and allow them to produce eggs year-round rather than seasonally.

In addition to selling from their store, they are vendors at farmers markets in Robbinsville and Bryson City and sell eggs through local retail outlets.


Graham County

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