Christa Kelley, Land of Milk and Honey

Apiary Expansion and Increased Efficiency
Grant Award: $6,000

Christa will be expanding the farm’s hives by 50%, adding eight colonies to their current apiary of 16 hives. With the expansion, honey production is expected to increase by 40%, which requires the addition of honey extraction equipment for an efficient and sanitary way to extract and bottle their honey on a larger scale.

The grant will pay for the additional hives (materials and bees) as well as a capping spinner, a ten gallon heated bottling tank and various accessories. Since the capper will separate the wax from the honey, they will also be able to utilize the wax in market wax and wax products, creating an additional income stream.

Having raised bees for 20 years, the farm already has a strong local market for their honey. This project will allow them to scale up in a measured way, allowing the entire family to participate in the farm business. They currently sell their honey in multiple retail locations and  through online sales.

Watauga County

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