KT, KT’s Orchard and Apiary

Apple Sorting and Packing Project: Upgrading Farm Efficiency
Grant Award: $6,000

Having already purchased a used apple sorter from a neighboring county’s N.C. Cooperative Extension Center, KT will be converting an existing barn into an apple sorting and packing facility. On an average week during their 14-week season, they pick and hand sort 400 bushels of apples.

This new facility will save 100 hours of labor a week resulting in a cost savings of $11,760 for the season. The grant will be used to pay for the concrete pad in the barn and other conversion costs such as roof panels, enclosing a side wall and grade work. KT’s Orchard and Apiary produces apples, peaches, berries, honey and value-added products.

They sell direct from farm, to Haywood County Schools, Sierra Nevada Brewery, restaurants and other retail outlets.


Haywood County

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