Tiffany Hudgins, Johnson Family Farm

Preparing for Future Expansion
Grant Award: $6,000

With the goal of turning her family’s four-year-old part-time farming and value-added foods operation into a full-time business, Tiffany is increasing marketing efforts and expanding vegetable production and storage capacity with the purchase of new equipment.

To heighten efficiency and crop variety and decrease labor needs and use of water and herbicides, she purchased a compact raised-bed mulch layer with a drip-irrigation attachment. She also plans to purchase a commercial refrigeration unit for storing fresh vegetables and value-added products to extend shelf life.

Additionally, Tiffany will do some structural upgrades (including installing electrical, plumbing, insulation and HVAC) and add a wash sink to an existing building to create a storage area for farm supplies and inventory plus a dedicated space for canning her salsas, jellies and sauces. To attract new customers, Tiffany will buy a banner, road sign, labels, business cards and other items.


McDowell County

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