Marc Jackson, Jackson Farm

Cattle Working and Feeding Facility
Grant Award: $6,000

To facilitate the success of a rotational grazing system he is initiating in partnership with a Tennessee grower, Marc is building a working and loading facility where his cattle can be safely watered, fed, loaded and unloaded and receive veterinary attention. He is a professional builder and will construct the facility himself.

The enclosed paddock will include a head gate, creating a safe working environment for both animals and handlers. A gravel floor system will provide a mud-free surface for the cattle to prevent hoof rot, and a metal roof covering the space will diminish spoilage of feed and hay.

The new facility will allow Marc to manage his cattle using fewer personnel. He plans to use waste gathered from the paddock as a sustainable source of fertilizer for production of vegetables that will be sold, along with his beef, at a farm store he will build in the future.


Mitchell County

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