Tracy Cavagnaro and Todd Kirmss,
Holt Orchards

Bakery and Apple Cider Donut Maker
Grant Award: $6,000

Tracy and Todd have built a bakery equipped with a new doughnut maker to create fresh apple-cider doughnuts from the 60 acres of apples they grow. From 1982-2016, the farm focused on bulk sales to apple packers and processors, but since 2017, Tracy and Todd have worked to build their retail business, joining the Greenville Saturday Market in 2017 and adding a farm store last year.

They plan to hire employees to help with the bakery and will now be able to meet the doughnut demand from their customers at the market and at their store, as well as sell to some wholesale accounts. The doughnuts and baked goods will help attract new customers and boost retail sales of their fresh apples and other products, including slushies, apple cider, and unique gift items.

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