Savannah Salley, Headwaters Market Garden

Caterpillar Tunnels for Organic Vegetable Production
Grant Award: $6,000

Organic Production

Having farmed successfully on leased land since 2017, Headwaters Market Garden purchased farmland in Polk County in 2020. With the goal of expanding their growing season with production of high quality, high value crops, the Salleys have added two 100’ Gothic Style Caterpillar Tunnels, with dutch doors and automated irrigation systems.

Season extension will allow for tomatoes to be ready for harvest 4-6 weeks earlier in the spring and 4-6 weeks early in the fall resulting in 12 more weeks of steady income. In addition, the tunnels keep crops in ideal growing conditions, increasing yields and creating superior products that bring greater income and profit margins. Headwaters Market Garden sells at the Asheville City Market and to restaurants.



Polk County

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