Renea Winchester, Butterfly Cove Botanicals

Medicinal Herb Expansion
Grant Award: $6,000

In the wake of the COVID crisis, many people became first-time gardeners and the demand for seeds skyrocketed. There was also an increased demand for medicinal herbs, particularly elderberry products. Partnering with Sow True Seeds, Renea will be expanding her plots for growing seed, while also expanding her elderberry crop and adding an educational program to teach students how to identify, grow, harvest and utilize medicinal herbs.

The grant will pay for expanding and fortifying the seed plot with solar electric fencing and bird netting and adding a small greenhouse for propagation, drying and serving as an educational platform for classes. She will also add a beehive so that she can harvest honey to use in elderberry syrup. Butterfly Cove Botanicals has a growing customer base for elderberry syrup and a commitment from Sow True Seeds for a continued partnership with opportunities for growth.

Swain County

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