Anna and Wesley Sleight, Sleight Family Farm

Packing Shed
Grant Award: $6,000

As demand has steadily increased over the past 6 years (sales have grown 30% each year), Wesley and Anna have managed to get by with field packing produce using fold-out tables for sorting and using bins for washing.

As their crop production methods have continually improved, they are prepared to scale up significantly. To do this, they will be constructing a dedicated packing shed with wash station and walk-in cooler. The packing shed will be 1600 sq ft, with a 96 sq ft packing station and a 640 sq ft washing station. The dedicated shed will allow them to handle a larger volume of produce and will create a more efficient work-flow to ensure the highest quality of post-harvest handling.

Sleight Family Farm sells at multiple farmers markets, where they regularly sell out in mere hours.

McDowell County

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