Brent and Beth Hall, Shake Rag Plant Ranch

Greenhouse Light Extension
Grant Award: $3,000

In order to utilize their full greenhouse for growing hemp during winter months, Brent and Beth added seven 600 watt Ceramic Metal Halide light systems to their 18’ x 45’ greenhouse. This will allow them to grow a crop of 100 high quality hemp plants indoors October through March.

The greenhouse light expansion will also give them the needed lighting in spring months to increase production of seedlings and clones that will boost the amount of summer crops planted. Additionally, they will have the ability to grow at least 1200 clones to supply other growers with high quality hemp clones. Income from additional crops and clone sales will allow the business to grow and expand.

Shake Rag Plant Ranch sells their hemp flower to a licensed processing facility in Franklin, NC for use in extraction for CBD oil and sell  their products at Country Road Farms in Sylva, NC.


Jackson County

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