Jordan Michael Smith, Two Girls Honey Company

Commercial Conversion and Equipment Upgrades
Grant Award: $6,000

Using his 2018 AgOptions grant to expand from 18 to 36 colonies, Jordan has since grown to over 47 production hives, investing profits from the past two years back into his growing business. As a result, honey production has quadrupled and he has added queen rearing to the services he offers customers in Swain County and beyond.

This grant will be used to expand his business further, adding pollination services and increasing capacity for even more honey production in the future. He purchased a trailer to facilitate migratory beekeeping methods and additional extraction and bottling equipment to accommodate honey production on a larger commercial scale.

With his 2020 project, Jordan will be able to convert all colonies to commercial equipment, expand product offerings, gain increased mobility for additional bee yards and add another revenue stream from pollination services. Two Girls Honey sells wholesale to retail outlets and will be adding online sales in 2020.

Swain County

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