Michael and Lauren Rayburn, Rayburn Farms

Drying and Packing Facility
Grant Award: $6,000

Rayburn Farm has converted an existing 12 x 30 square foot modular shed to a two-room facility that includes a drying room/kiln and packing and storage room for exotic roots and specialty herbs. Producing dried herbs and ginger has the potential to provide an additional revenue stream and add at least $15,000 in extra sales annually.

The new drying facility lets the Rayburns dry larger amounts of product at a single time, resulting in reduced operational costs in electricity, harvesting, processing, packing and cleaning. One buyer alone (a local tea company) has committed to purchase hundreds of pounds of dried herbs and spices, making this expansion crucial to meeting demand.

Since the Rayburns grow specialty products that are not readily available on the wholesale market (lime basil, pineapple sage, Indian blue ginger, white turmeric), their unique value-added offerings position them quite favorably and the ability to scale-up their operation is critical.


Buncombe County

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