Kara Dodson and Jacob Crigler,
Full Moon Farm

Greenhouse for Crop Propagation
Grant Award: $6,000

Motivated by the success of their 2019 grant, Full Moon Farm has added a dedicated greenhouse for the propagation of all crops from seed. Until now, they have been using a patchwork system of seed propagation structures which keep them struggling with a myriad of economic, time, labor and resource issues. Much of the success achieved on the farm comes from a strong seed propagation program, which has been strengthened and made more efficient with this 2020 grant.

They purchased and installed  a 22’ x 50’ caterpillar tunnel, which included metal hoops, greenhouse plastic, wiggle wire attachments and hardware. A propane heater was added for efficient winter heating. With fans and venting, this greenhouse has proved to be a cost-effective, low maintenance solution for the operation. Jacob also added an innovative “hardening off” structure to the tunnel, which has reduced time and labor involved with hardening off vegetable starts.

Full Moon Farm sells to nine restaurants, High Country Food Hub and multiple farmers markets in Watauga County.


Watauga County

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