Gerald Rathbone

Feed Bin for Lamb Operation
Grant Award: $3,000

Having grown up on a tobacco and dairy farm, Gerald has been farming his entire life. His successful sheep operation brings in an average of $16,000 a year and has the potential to grow. With 100 ewes, the need for efficient feeding is imperative.

Gerald used his 2020 grant to purchase a feed bin. Not only is he saving money by purchasing feed in bulk, the bin has reduced losses from insects, rodents and mold. He estimates that the bin will result in at least $765 savings a year in feed cost alone, not including money saved in labor and fuel. Gerald sells 85% of his sheep to one buyer, and has multiple customers for lambs, replacement ewes and young rams.

A passionate advocate for sheep farming, Gerald also offers assistance in helping other farmers start sheep operations. He is also preparing his 19 year-old granddaughter to eventually take over the business.


Haywood County

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