Natalie Gerardot, Myco Rhizing, LLC

Mushroom Grow Domes
Grant Award: $6,000

In response to increased demand for mushrooms by restaurants and retail outlets, Natalie is constructing two aircrete dome rooms (one lab/spawn room, one grow room) for indoor mushroom production. Aircrete, also known as aerated concrete, is fireproof, insect proof and unharmed by moisture – it will not rot or decay. It offers good thermal insulation and carbon dioxide/oxygen exchange, making it an ideal structure for mushroom production.

Because they already own large-scale production equipment, being able to move their operation from its current basement location to a dedicated space will propel their business, increasing spawning production twenty fold. The new rooms will allow them to expand production from 20-30 pounds a week to 100 pounds a week.

They currently sell to three restaurants, but have several restaurants on a waiting list. They also regularly sell out of dried medicinal mushrooms, which they sell online.


Buncombe County

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