Linda Laine, Mardet Family Farm LLC

Infrastructure for Vegetable Production
Grant Award: $6,000

Linda added critical irrigation infrastructure to her farm, which consists of two separate parcels of land totaling 23 acres. Previously, a one-acre parcel had a well, but all crops had to be hand-watered. The other two-acre parcel had no access to water (a neighbor’s source is being used).

The grant was used for gaining access to public water on the remote parcel and provided for drip irrigation systems, shade cloth and landscape cloth as needed on both farm locations. Accessing water and moving from hand watering to irrigation will cut labor costs, create greater independence (no longer rely on neighbor for water), improve crop yields, enhance product quality, increase farm income and enhance long-term sustainability of farming practices.

Mardet Family Farms sells vegetables, beef, eggs, pork, nuts, figs and berries at the Foothills Farmer Market in Shelby, as well as to restaurants and direct from farm.


Cleveland County

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