Roy Joseph Bledsoe,
Longview Farm

Improvements to Cattle Business
Grant Award: $6,000

A former tobacco farmer who stopped growing tobacco in 2004, Mr. Bledsoe has been concentrating on selling cattle and is looking to improve practices on the farm. With the goal to increase yields, he will be adding a 3-ton grain bin, constructing a bull lot and has added a 200-gallon sprayer to his operation.

The grain bin will provide better storage, allow for higher nutrition and will result in a cost-savings from buying feed in bulk. The bull lot will be instrumental for better breeding and can also be used for calf weaning. The 200-gallon sprayer is being utilized in the management of his hay crop, resulting in a better overall crop and eliminating the need to purchase additional hay.

These improvements will also position the operation for more sustainability as future generations continue farming on the family land.


Watauga County

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